But if you must know, here’s what I’m working on now: Currently, most of my time is dedicated to conducting scientific research, primarily on brain systems underlying learning and memory. Starting work at a new university means I’m quite busy getting to know the lay of the land. Working with a couple of labs, this includes brain electrophysiology and writing new analysis to help understand the data we collect. This also ties into my interests in artificial intelligence, and I’m working on growing ContinualAI, a research non-profit dedicated to building intelligent machines that learn like we do.

More personally, I’m also excited by the quantified self movement and using data driven approaches to improve my lifestyle and productivity. I recently built a slew of home networking tools, and a dedicated server to help manage my digital life and to automate a handful of tasks. I’ve recently also built an online wiki, and will roll that out soon. My recent departure from ADAPT consulting has me exploring new consulting opportunities, and I’m looking to pick back up on my web design hobby.

When I'm not caught up in all of that, you can find me snowboarding, running, tending to my plants, working through the Tripitaka, maintaining a social life, tackling random datasets with for loops, and a new finding that the locals call “brunch” | 191021

My academic friends may also want to see my CV here

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