Currently, most of my time is dedicated to research, primarily on learning and memory. This includes brain electrophysiology as well as building computational models about how the brain can encode multiple memories. This also ties into my interests in artificial intelligence, and I’m working on growing ContinualAI, as well as working with Carboncopies on AI applications to whole brain emulation. I'm also helping plan a cognitive science conference, and helping teach an autonomous robotics course. I’m also on the board of ADAPT, managing our consulting teams.

More personally, I’m deciding on which university I may be lucky enough to continue to study the brain and cognition at for my PhD research next year. I’m also excited by the quantified self movement and using data driven approaches to improve my lifestyle and productivity. I'm revamping my home networking and computing set up to streamline use. I'm working through the oldest items on my random projects to do list. I'm also revisiting, consolidating, and digitizing all of my notes onto a wiki style site I’m building for easy reference anywhere.

When I'm not caught up in all of that, you can find me snowboarding, running, tending to my plants, working through the Tripitaka, maintaing a social life, tackling random datasets with for loops, and game nights one day a week. | 190101

My acadmic friends may also want to see my CV here