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The Hippocampus as drawn by Cajal

In a Nutshell

Complex systems surround us: the ebbs and flows of the stock market, animals foraging for food, or our social networks. Like most scientists, I wish to define the key parts of systems, the underpinnings of their dynamism, and the outcomes of their interactions. I’m chiefly concerned with a system which is perhaps the most complex, yet personal of the lot.

Sitting on top of your shoulders is not only what allows you to read and comprehend this paragraph, but defines ‘you’ in the first place; from your favorite song, the fact you like ketchup but not tomatoes, your fear of spiders, to your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We are defined by the patterns of activity of billions of cells in our brain.

Through the brain we perceive and interact with the cosmos, allowing some of humanity's greatest achievements: curing diseases, putting a human on the moon, the internet, to name only a recent few. Yet, we're not born with the ability to do all this, but learn over days, years, and lifetimes. My work aims to understand the brain systems that allow this lifelong, continual learning and remembrance to occur.

Recent News

Paper: Smell and COVID-19


Our new paper on modeling COVID-19 spread through smell loss was recently published in Nature Comms

Emailing talk


We spend way too much time in our inbox. I gave a short seminar on best emailing practices. Find it here

COVID-19 Preprint


New COVID-19 preprint with some of the awesome GCCR members just released! Check it out here

Neuromatch Talk


Neuromatch conference was a blast! Glad to have presented. Big thank you to the organizers!



I'm a member of the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research, working on the loss of smell symptom of COVID-19.

CAI Talk


Great time talking with researchers for the ContinualAI neuroscience meetup. The recording can be found here



Awesome time answering more student questions from IL for Skype-A-Neuroscientist

SANS, and other talks


Grant reviews, Skype-A-Neuroscientist event all the way in the white north of AK, and my whiteboard presentation at the launch of UCI Brain!



Two more awesome Skype-A-Neuroscientist events!